Strike 3 Looking

I got my K's on backward.

He’s Schill got it!

Wasn’t that such an excellent pun! Man, I crack myself up! ;-) Anyway, I don’t want to throw around any “I told you so’s”, but that was a good one from Schilling, eh? Aside from a solo home run by his arch-nemesis Frank Catalanotto, Curt held the entire Rangers lineup in perpetual check. Wiping the taste of Opening Day from his mouth, Schilling rolled through seven innings on 102 pitches. At one point, he retired 10 batters in a row. After some theatrics in the 8th, Papelbon came in and nailed down the last 5 outs on 15 pitches, to save the 3-2 win for the Sox and Schilling. Oh yeah, remember that Ortiz guy? He remembered he was an awesome baseball player and hit two home runs in his first two at-bats, accounting for all of the Red Sox runs. Next up, the Sox return home to Fenway for the first time in 2007. Mariners beware.

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