Strike 3 Looking

I got my K's on backward.

Hop on that dead horse!

We’re only 3 games into the Sox season, and there’s already some factiods and sayings that have been regurgitated a few too many times. For example:

  • Dustin Pedrioa is the first rookie to open the season as a starter since Shea Hillenbrand in 2001.
  • Dustin Pedrioa is the 12th opening day second baseman in 13 seasons./Julio Lugo is the 4th Red Sox shortstop in 5 seasons.
  • The Japanese media/general population really dig Matsuzaka
  • Any and all puns on “Dice-K,” a nickname I’m not real big on to start with. This includes such gems as “Rolling the Dice-K” or “Ice-K” to refer to him pitching on a cold day.
  • Puns in general used as headlines for sports columns. I’ve been guilty of this myself on occasion, but why does every sports column have to start with some sort of pun? Is there a class on this in journalism school?

I’m sure there’s some other things I’m missing, but maybe this will become a recurring post. Lord knows a lot of dumb things can be said over the course of a 6-month season. ;-)

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