Strike 3 Looking

I got my K's on backward.

Sox bring home a W

Sox open up the house the way it should be opened, by beating the Toronto Blue Jays 5-3. Didn’t get to see most of the game cuz I’m trying to get the work out of the way before I go to tomorrow’s game. Josh Beckett’s first inning struggles continue, but fortunately his late inning dominance does as well. He and Schill are both 2-0 so far–about 10% shy of where they’ll end up. ;-) Good to see Lowell have a productive offensive day, and Youks should do good things atop the order. Loretta, Gonzalez, and Youks turned a heck of a double play when Loretta batted down a line drive. This is going to be a fun team to watch.
Unfortunately, all was not good news. Trot has a minor groin strain, and will be out a few games. This will hopefully give Wily Mo Pena enough time to string together some productive at bats (and hopefully not let any more HRs drop off his glove). As it stands, Arroyo furthered his lead on him, and it’s now two homers to none.

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