Strike 3 Looking

I got my K's on backward.

Big Papi’s in for the long haul

Theo & Co. just announced that David Ortiz has signed a four-year contract extension, with a club option for 2011. No word yet on dollar figures, but the gossip queens say it’s in the neighborhood of 4 years @ $12 mil/per. Apparently Peter Gammons is saying it’s $50M for 4 years. Until you hear something from the mouth of any of the horses involved, take any numbers with a grain of salt. Ortiz’s heads up to the new guys on playing in Fenway:

I keep telling the new guys “Wait until you play your first game at Fenway Park. You might need a diaper. … You might need a diaper, homey. It’s gonna be like that every day.” It’s outstanding.

To which Theo joked “you can buy them all diapers now.” And a hearty guffaw was had by all. ;-) Hopefully a unburdened Papi can start jacking homers out of Fenway tomorrow. 8-) And on into 2011…

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