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What is the deal with Ted Lilly?

Turn back into a pumpkin all ready!

Wells was not quite ready

Way to welcome me back to Fenway big guy…  The game was over almost before it was done, although the Sox bats didn’t do much to bail Wells out.  Hopefully he’ll do better on Monday.  On the plus side, the Sox continue to play excellent defense, and Dustin Mohr hit a home run in his first real game as a member of the Red Sox.  HR watch: Arroyo 2, Wily Mo Pena 1.  It’s a good thing we kept DiNardo around, we ended up needing him.  Sox fall to the Blue Jays 8-4.  Both Manny and Alex Gonzalez need to start doing something at the plate.

Three times as coo-coo!

Coco Crisp just signed a contract extension with Red Sox. He would have been under control anyway, but this avoids arbitration/year-to-year contract negotiations. The extension contains a $1 million signing bonus and salaries of $3.5 million in 2007, $4.75 million in 2008 and $5.75 million in 2009. The club option for 2010, which would buy out his first year of free agency, is at $8 million and includes $500,000 buyout and salary escalator provisions. So it’s $15.75 for three years. That’s only a little more than one year of Johnny Damon! I like what Crisp has brought to the team all-ready, and I think he will continue to do good things. Looks like a great move by and for the Sox.

Sox bring home a W

Sox open up the house the way it should be opened, by beating the Toronto Blue Jays 5-3. Didn’t get to see most of the game cuz I’m trying to get the work out of the way before I go to tomorrow’s game. Josh Beckett’s first inning struggles continue, but fortunately his late inning dominance does as well. He and Schill are both 2-0 so far–about 10% shy of where they’ll end up. ;-) Good to see Lowell have a productive offensive day, and Youks should do good things atop the order. Loretta, Gonzalez, and Youks turned a heck of a double play when Loretta batted down a line drive. This is going to be a fun team to watch.
Unfortunately, all was not good news. Trot has a minor groin strain, and will be out a few games. This will hopefully give Wily Mo Pena enough time to string together some productive at bats (and hopefully not let any more HRs drop off his glove). As it stands, Arroyo furthered his lead on him, and it’s now two homers to none.

Big Papi’s in for the long haul

Theo & Co. just announced that David Ortiz has signed a four-year contract extension, with a club option for 2011. No word yet on dollar figures, but the gossip queens say it’s in the neighborhood of 4 years @ $12 mil/per. Apparently Peter Gammons is saying it’s $50M for 4 years. Until you hear something from the mouth of any of the horses involved, take any numbers with a grain of salt. Ortiz’s heads up to the new guys on playing in Fenway:

I keep telling the new guys “Wait until you play your first game at Fenway Park. You might need a diaper. … You might need a diaper, homey. It’s gonna be like that every day.” It’s outstanding.

To which Theo joked “you can buy them all diapers now.” And a hearty guffaw was had by all. ;-) Hopefully a unburdened Papi can start jacking homers out of Fenway tomorrow. 8-) And on into 2011…

Bowl full of chocolate milk…

Boston Red Sox : Official Info : Press Release:

“Coco has a non-displaced fracture at the base of his left index finger,” said [Red Sox Medical Director Dr. Thomas] Gill. “He will be placed in a splint for 10 days and reevaluated at that time. Once sufficient healing has occurred, Coco can begin batting and return to baseball activities. No surgery is indicated at this time.”

Hope he makes a recovery that’s as speedy as he is. I was looking forward to the warm welcome the Fenway Faithful would have given him in the home opener (and all of the hits he would have given in return!). In the meantime, I imagine Adam Stern will get more starts in center field than anyone expected, and I think he’ll handle himself well.

Sox sweep O’s

Looks like Tim Wakefield and Josh Bard ironed out whatever problems cropped up last time in Texas. Wake had an excellent outing, going six innings and allowing only one run (unearned) in the first. Wake ended his night by striking out three straight to get out of a 1st and 3rd jam with no outs. Bard had no passed balls today, a welcome change from the 3 PB last time. Adam Stern got the start (probably his last before getting sent down to Pawtucket when his Rule 5 time is up on the 19th) and delivered two hits and two RBI. Foulke had an excellent 8th inning, retiring the side in order on two K’s and a popout. Personally, I would’ve have brough him back for the 9th and the save, but I can understand Francona not wanting to push it too much. Papelbon had a shaky night (which is fine, he is a rookie after all) but no runners crossed the plate, and he picked up his third save. Sox win the game 4 runs to 1, and start the season 5-1. Fenway is going to blow up on Tuesday.

Sox are 4-1

I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to watch much of the last two games (it being campus preview weekend around here), but you’ve gotta like what we’ve seen of Schilling so far. I think he will have a great year, and it’s looking like Paps will do the same. When (not if) Foulke gets back to where we need to be, we should have a pretty killer bullpen. With, or without, Rudy Seanez. ;-) Hopefully the Yankees keep losing too. Gotta love the current AL East standings. 8-)

HRs: Bronson Arroyo 1, Wily Mo Pena 0

It would, perhaps, be remiss of me to not mention Bronson Arroyo’s first outing with the Reds. (Much as it was remiss to not bring up the fact that he was traded! These things happen at the start of the semester O:-)) Cornrows went 1-for-1 with a home run, a walk, and a sac bunt while striking out seven in 6 2/3 innings to earn his first win as a member of the Cincinati Reds. Arroyo’s first career homer nearly overshadowed Ken Griffey Jr’s 537th, which passes Mickey Mantle and puts him in sole possesion of 12th on the all-time list. I’m pretty sure Wily Mo will pass Arroyo soon enough…

Sox take Texas series 2-1

Whew… a lot to talk about, and I only saw the first and last inning! (Blasted lab…) Let”s get right to it.

  • The thing everyone is buzzing about is the choice of Papelbon to close out the game, but first let’s talk about Beckett. At the start the of the game, he really struggled. He basically didn’t have his curveball at all, and had to rely on his heater. While I was away, he did what good pitchers do and figured out how to win without his full arsenal. Watching the post-game show, it was clear that even with just his fastball, he can be deadly. Got some really nice K’s and was clearly pumped. (Also pumped was an amusingly animated Curt Schilling in the dugout. ;-)) If he can get his blisters down and his innings up, he could win 20+ games and contend for a Cy. If we’re at the end of the season and both Schilling and Beckett are sitting on 20 wins, I for one won’t be too surprised.
  • So Paps. First off, he was on fire out there. He looked much better than his outing on Monday, and the results showed: he got 3 batters out on 11 pitches (8 for strikes) with two strikeouts. You could tell from the look on his face that he was out there to kill some batters and get Beckett his first win, and that’s exactly what he did. As for the “closer controversy,” I think it won’t even be one. It was fairly clear on Monday that Foulke still doesn’t have his best stuff–or stuff as good as Paps–right now, and throwing him in a one-run game was probably not best for him or the game. I think he knows that, and clearly Francona knows that, and I think he’ll bust his butt and be a rock-solid closer again by June. In the meantime he’ll get some lower-leverage innings, maybe a few 3-run saves, and Paps will deal with the high-lev situations, until it’s clear that he’s ready to go in all situations. And everyone wins! Especially the Sox. ;-)
  • Good to see Trot getting a big hit in. I expect him to have a good year.
  • Manny needs to start hitting. Pronto.

Just for good measure, the Yankees lost the final game of their series with Oakland. Putting them at 1-2. Welcome back, baseball! (Hopefully I can get some work done on tomorrow’s off-day…)

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